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I have been wanting to visit beautiful tropical islands practically all my life, but never had the means or money to afford a trip. Recently with some good employment opportunities and by adopting a work ethic that might compete well with a migrant farmer in the middle growing of season, I have been able to save and sponsor a few trips to some amazing places. This set of pages describes a few of the destinations and my opinions about each of them. Included are some details about a few excursions I was able to go on and how they accented the trip.

In this way as opposed to a critque of each location, look at these descriptions as one of many possible ways in which that destination could be enjoyed. It might not be the same experience that you have while you are there, but it is my honest portrayal of my own visit. In my sliding scale of judgement a location fails to live up to its full potential, if when I go there I do not find a good place to surf, or feel it is not safe to do so. I am not the best travel arranger or surfer, so in the end it is really quite easy for a place to fail or fall off my chart all together. However I did manage to find a place to surf at near Cabo San Lucas once, so I would not say that I am not willing to take risks to get where I want to go (ie. to the surf).



You can find various example of this CSS3 property online. The above animations were found on the CodePen website in an effort to provide iconic symbols to vaguely describe the process of vacation comparison. As you can see the property is quite powerful. If you have looked at the code of various other HTML5 related HTML5/canvas animations and demos, you will see the property values that are listed to the right, are quite similar to the OpenGL transformation functions listed in such works. This provides for some very powerful primitive functions for rendering a web page. Essentially your imagination is the limit, so have a read.

The CSS3 'transform' property allows you to perform all sorts of OpenGL related transformation on aspects of the objects that CSS3 can provide. The border and border-radius properties can be used to make shapes. The transform property can provide for 2D and 3D alterations of the elements. For instance:

  • move/translate
  • rotate
  • scale
  • move
  • skew
  • perspective
  • matrix based transformations