David Klassen

Destination: Kauai

Island Map

Kauai is a tropical island paradise in the Hawaiian Island chain. The island is lush with vegetation and has been well maintained, having contemporary civic services like water, waste, transportation, ecological reservation areas etc. During my stay in Kauai there was precious little threat of calamity occurring, although it is in an active volcanic region the island of Kauai has not seen an eruption in perhaps 5.5 million years.

My travel agent suggested renting a car on this island given the transit system is less well developed than most metropolitan areas. Travelling around the island is really an exceptional experience, and I would definitely second this suggestion to anyone making it a holiday destination. The island exuded an aura of peaceful paradise throughout my stay there, and if asked I just might say this is probably the closest to paradise I have ever come in this life. The sun is warm in December not hot, even though the temperature may be listed close to 30 degrees you may not even realize it. Throughout the day clouds frequent the north and east sides of the island where most people live. These clouds bring a delightful rain which if you are lucky to experience, is most likely warm to touch.

Deserted Beach

Drive The Beach I can see for miles

With a rent-a-car you can see many of the amazing sites of Kauai up close, and avoid the expensive cost of a tour company. Polihale Beach is at the west end of the island, and the only way to get there is to drive. Some people like to drive right onto the beach, and given it is such a vast area that is largely undeveloped, it appears to be a well sanctioned thing to do (provided you can also make it off the beach). You can also travel along a road over top Waimea Canyon to the various lookouts over the canyon, and lookouts that point westward over the Napali Coast peaks.

Perhaps the most surprising thing I saw in Kauai were the tents on a beach near Hanapepe This semi circle beach/water area allows tents and visitors to get much closer to an outdoors Hawaiian experience. After snorkelling on this beach it rained, and several rainbows appeared. The beauty of this place was surreal, and everyone we met seemed to know how true it is.